Important informations

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Our check in and check out

Your arrival will be expected between 14 until 18 pm in  the date of your booking.

On departure day we ask you to leave the apartment not later than 11 am.

Please let us know in what time do you arrive, we do not have a permanent service on reception. Arrival outside the standard check-in is possible after approval by the hotel.

You can choose a payment method

Would you like pay by bank transfer, in cash or by card?

Everything is possible.

Booking can be canceled

But we need it to know at least 48 hours in advance.

If the booking will canceled later, we will charge 50 % of the price.

Parking as close as possible

Parking is possible just a few steps from apartment.

See our accomodation rules

Our accommodation rules can be downloaded directly here: Accomodation Rules

When booking, always quote your telephone number

Our reception is NOT open 24 hours a day. Please leave us your contact details or inform us by email at what time you plan to arrive.

Where you can eat well and have good fun?

More information here or download scripts here.

How to get 5% discount?

Come to us second time  and welcome you discount!

If you stay longer than three days we give you discount.

Are you meets several conditions? Discounts will be added together.

Discount applies only when booked by phone or email.